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The first glance at my pictures is just the beginning of your torment. I know you are staring now and your cock is twitching–coming to life as it has never before. You’re a man who has always dreamed of being with a woman like me, yet you know in your heart you don’t deserve me do you? Perhaps maybe you could do something to tip the scales in your direction–to make up for whatever pathetic deficiencies you bring to our playground. There is more than the just monetary investment for playing with me. I crave obedience, complete worship of my exquisite body, your mind and ultimately your soul. I also want your ass impaled on my wicked plastic cock. Perhaps you shudder to think you’d be molested in this way–but what are you willing to give to play with me?

The sweet, seductive lure of my voice is like the bait on the hook. Once you bite down–I’m an expert angler as I fish your mind for new and exciting ways to exploit your weaknesses. I can be seductive and passionate or controlling and bitchy. All of my ways become yours and before you know it you’re entrapped in a romantic odyssey in which you totally and completely belong to me. I will be both your sexual dream and nightmare rolled into one once I get my claws deep in your psyche. I will use my intellect, phone skills, and everything in between to train you to do things MY way.

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My Stats:

My Measurements: 32(C)-23-34
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Age: 29

My Personality:

Seductive, Demanding, Creative, Intelligent, Professional, Fetish Friendly, I AM NOT SUBMISSIVE

My Role Play Phone Sex Specialty Areas:

  • Dominant female role plays (controlling boss, demanding wife, wife’s lesbian lover, psychologist)
  • Anal Stretching Phone Sex
  • Giantess Phone Sex
  • Accountability Trainer
  • Penis Humiliation Phone sex
  • Seductive Domination
  • Mind Control Phone Sex
  • Erotic Hypnosis Phone Sex
  • Strap on Play Phone Sex

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