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Nothing virgin between these legs! You see I am more like the hot, burning end of a cigarette–I smolder–I sizzle–I satisfy. Your cock longs for phone sex satisfaction and I deliver that. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship. Does your cock crave an exotic nympho whose expertise in cock worship makes the most seasoned porn star look “cherry?” *Giggle Let me give you the Cherry delight–let me wrap these luscious milk melons around your cock and bounce until your cum makes them look like two frosted Cinnabons fresh from the oven. Your cock deserves some Cherry admiration doesn’t it?


My Stats:

My Measurements: 34C-26-36
Hair: Red
Eyes: Brown
Age: 20

My Personality:

Nasty in a sexy way, confident, horny, slutty but sweet

My Role Play Phone Sex Specialty Areas:

  • Daddy shows daughter the new house (lets describe how each room is to be used for sex)
  • Uncle/niece or Brother/sister selfie goes XXX
  • Truant school girl (two ways submissive OR dominant–you choose)
  • Intruder/young girl home alone (two ways submissive OR dominant–you choose)
  • Any any big black cock phone sex role play
  • Any twisted, sick family fun fantasy is very hot and desired greatly

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