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It’s like this–girls like me–with boobs and primo curves like mine–are not taken seriously out there in the real world, but here? We reign supreme. And it’s even better than I even imagined first starting out. Guys are sucked in by my amazing tits–and then held tight in the embrace of my hot voice and sexually active imagination. I just can’t jerk off enough cocks. I like my phone sex wet, juicy and dirty. It’s just the way I roll.

Curious yet? Well perhaps maybe you should call me and see if you can fit my big, adventurous attitude along with my gigantic tits into your phone sex repertoire.


My Stats:

My Measurements: 36(F)-26-39
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Brown
Age: 24

My Personality:

sweet, bubbly, soft-spoken, easily led, loud moaner, slutty attitude toward sex

My Role Play Phone Sex Specialty Areas:

  • busty lusty maid phone sex
  • Tit Fuck Phone Sex
  • Gang Bang Phone Sex
  • Deep throat phone sex
  • Ass to Mouth Phone Sex
  • Submissive Phone Sex
  • Office Roleplay Phone Sex

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